Sunday, March 2, 2008

February 28--Kent, England

Odyssey is group of larger-than-life wooden sculptures created by Robert Koenig as part of a traveling public art exhibition. Koeing carved the figures as a memorial to deceased ancestors that he never met.

The Hei People is a public art installation by Finnish artist Reijo Kela. Kela’s work deals with identity, cultural myths and images and the individual as part of a changing society.

The Pines Calyx building in Dover, designed by Helionix Designs, is the most sustainable conference and events venue in the UK. The building saves 66% in energy consumption and 67% in CO2 emissions. The building uses site excavated chalk for the walls and the dome top is made of local clay rings that are glued together with gypsum plaster. Solar panels provide the building with hot water and a biomass unit provides underfloor heat.

Rural Ways
Brenda Burgess Arts
Kent TV

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