Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 9--Taos, New Mexico, USA

The Phoenix Earthship

In order to make a building sustainable it must use materials indigenous to the area and use techniques that are available to the average person. The amount of energy required to convert found objects into the living space determines the success of the project. This concept is called embodied energy.

The Dobson Bed and Breakfast

Joan and John Dobson built their structure by hand over a three year period. The couple collected 20,000 aluminum cans; 2,000 discarded tires; 34 tons (31 metric tons) of Colorado red sandstone; and 28,000 pounds (12700 kg) of dry cement, much of which they hand mixed in a wheelbarrow. The building's energy is provided by 26 solar panels.

Unofficial Taos: Joel Gottlieb's Blog

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